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Stiletto Strut is where I feel the most comfortable in my body. Everyone there is so encouraging and supportive. Usually I'm a different person when I step into dance class. But Stiletto Strut has helped me be that person in and out of dance class, for which I am so grateful. I'm more confident, comfortable in my skin, have learned to accept my body more, and no longer feel shame around those feelings. Your classes are the highlight of my week. I love that I am constantly learning new things, from dance moves, to technique, to my own capabilities. Thank you so much for creating this space.

When I started Stiletto Strut I wasn't in a good place. I struggle so much with self confidence and stage fright. Taking this class has helped me get out of that box. I never dreamed I'd be posting my dance videos (only unless they were being funny or making fun of myself). Plus Ashley is an amazing teacher who literally has no judgement and is fantastic at showing the moves over and over when no one gets it right or let's us modify. I recommend this class to everyone constantly!

My only regret is that I didn't try Stiletto Strut sooner! It's been a long time since I've felt truly confident about myself/had any artistic outlet as I've always been an artist - I used to dance, draw/paint, sing, etc. but as I've become older I lost sense of that and it started becoming a hole in my heart I needed to fill again. Not feeling good enough at something is also something I struggle with, so not having danced in 10 years made me extremely nervous to go into a dance studio again - let alone in heels. Bu tlet me tell you, I have not felt this sense of confidence and love for myself in forever. Ashley's class truly allowed me to release all of the negative energy I've held inside and allowed me to love myself again and feel beautiful. Not to mention the support and energy in the class is unreal, it's so much fun. I 1000% think everyone needs to try it at least once!




Stiletto Strut

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